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“Keith B. Brown’s music is imbued with riveting emotionalism, flawless musicianship and erudition.”
Living Blues Magazine – USA

“…Brown is a consummate country blues player…his feel is deep and true. Outstanding originals.”
Billboard Magazine – USA

“It is one of the first times an artist brilliantly coalesces tradition and modernism by expanding the boundaries of a style that is not easily flexible. Keith B. Brown’s music is the best contemporary acoustic blues in a long time.”
Soul Bag Magazine – France

“Keith B. Brown’s is one of the top ten contemporary blues artists of our times.”
Chicago Tribune – USA

“…Being the music industry, and things being unfair, it really doesn’t come as a big surprise that this handsome-looking talented African-American has been slighted by not being given the marketing space of Keb Mo, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Corey Harris, Guy Davis or Eric Bibb... There is slashing slide and fine finger-picking, while the young man’s voice is finer than most on the Blues circuit. This is full-blown artistry that works on several levels, for those who have enjoyed the albums of Keb’Mo’ and Eric Bibb I suggest at least one Keith B. Brown CD deserves to sit alongside… A great talent has emerged in Keith B. Brown!”
Blues Matters magazine – England

“Not only does Brown have the chops to tackle the virtually uncoverable James and Son House, he has emotionally intense originals such as “Bad Luck Child” that can stand shoulder to shoulder with theirs.”
Boston Herald - USA

“He rejuvenates blues-roots music and one can say that with Keith B. Brown and the emotion that he performs with, the Blues is not dead”.
BLUES Magazine – France

“Keith B. Brown is a rare gem.”
Clarion-Ledger - Jackson, Mississippi – USA

“… One of the most powerful [blues] interpreters on the scene today… No African-American artist plays the country blues as purely and also as originally as Keith B. Brown…. The original songs breathe, with strong melody. The folk, singer/songwriter approach on “All I need” and “Didn’t Come Today” is remarkable”.
Concerto Magazine – Austria

“There's no question that Keith B. Brown has the vocal and guitar chops to take his place among the upper echelon of his generation's acoustic bluesmen…he's more than a mere re-creationist...”
Chicago Sun-Times – USA

“From the git Brown approaches tradition from his own perspective-which is the only way to respect it fully, let alone prosper within it. It's the originals that sting hardest, especially "Who's To Blame," written about 9/11 but resonating all the harder in the wake of Katrina.”
Rock and Rap Confidential – USA

“Brown has portrayed the likes of Son House and Skip James onscreen, but musically speaking he's no actor. …Brown shines on his folk-tinged originals…”
Guitar One – USA

...Keith B. Brown is the real deal, pure soul… While I try and find a favorite song on every CD, this collection warrants listening closely to each song. If this collection doesn’t catapult Brown to international status, something is wrong with the listening public.
Michigan Blues society – USA

“This music showcases Brown's marvelous falsetto-rimmed vocals and nimble finger-picking chops. International acclaim for Brown should be just around the corner. Catch him while you can…”
Big City Blues – Detroit – USA

“Listening to Keith B. Brown's music can prove downright eerie. His originals and covers ooze with the vibe and soul of the real thing.”
Vintage Guitar – USA

“Once in a great while a certain artistry comes along that slaps you upside the face and says listen to me. The music of Keith B. Brown is such work.”
Blues Bytes – USA

“There are guitarists like Robert Johnson who died long before their music was very well known. Long after their death they attained a mythical status. All in all Robert Johnson was just a musician, a great musician, but that was what he was. So I don’t feel it to be a stretch to speak Keith B. Brown’s name in the same breath. Time and place are the only differences. Keith Brown is as real as they come and you can hear the honesty... Keith B. Brown’s originals are as honest and pure as any Son House or Skip James tune... An incredible artist.”
Nomasonha Magazine – USA

“An outstanding vocalist… Keith B. Brown is without doubt one of the leading performers of traditional blues today, especially among the few younger black representatives of this style.
German Blues Circle – Germany

“…Keith B. Brown shows us his mastery of his finger-picking style that marvels. One could say that Brown is destined to leave his mark and will enjoy a bright future.”
Blues Again! Magazine – France

“Keith B. Brown deserves full attention”
Il Blues Magazine – Italy


“Keith B. Brown possesses all the tools to win over the blues purists : a voice capable of sliding from a growl to a sublime falsetto, a mastery of the guitar that allows him to say a maximum with a minimum of notes, and a way to interpret the likes of Son House or Skip James (who he has portrayed on the big screen) without falling into mimicry…And for the more mainstream public, the handsome face of this young bluesman and his original folk-tinged songs, like the tender "All I Need" have the potential to make an impact on the music scene if the media decides to give Brown the same attention they have given artists like Keb’Mo and Guy Davis who came before him.”
L’Express Magazine – Canada