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+ All songs written by Keith B. Brown

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Listen up people
Hear what I say
I’m gonna take you back
So I can bring you up to date

Down through the years
Believe me what I say is true
Them boys from Memphis
They sho’ know how to sing the blues

You got Furry Lewis singin’ ‘Turn Your Money Green’
You got Bukka White singin’ bout ‘Aberdeen’
You got reverend Wilkins talkin’ bout a ‘Rollin’ Stone’
If you didn’t know before, now let it be known

That all over the world, they’re teachin’em in the schools They tell’em-Go down to Memphis if you wanna learn how to sing the

Let me tell you people
One time I was over in France
I was talkin to a man
And before I could get the chance
He said brother brown
Let me say one thing to you
Y’all boys from Memphis
Sho’ know you can sing the blues
Oh Yeah