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+ All songs written by Keith B. Brown

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Another day at the office
Misery all around
Netta comes in
She don't even make a sound
Mary greets everybody with a smile
Just like the day before
Henry sighs, he takes a look around
He swears he can't take no more


It's a dead end
Back up against the wall
It's a dead end
Nothin' to do but fall
It's a dead end
And everybody knows
Make a few dimes, waste a whole lotta time
And buy a few more clothes

Henry junior plays on the team
He's the man at the point
But he got a little problem
With a bottle and a joint
Henry senior's helpless
He can't even explain
But he gets up every mornin' and punches the clock Sunshine or pourin' rain


The days roll by so slowly
Daddy gettin' old
Junior lives in a haze now
Mama, God rest her soul

Junior goes off to college
He plays three or four years
Pretty good but he don't make the cut
So he got to shed some tears
Now he gets up every mornin'
Sunshine or pourin' rain
He sighs, he takes a good look around
He can hardly stand the pain