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What is the time
What is the way
Is there a solution
Won't somebody say
Can you tell me
What is the time

Some people laughin', grinnin'
And havin' a real good time
Walk around the block
Everybody's screamin' and cryin'
Lord, What is the time

Said is it black or white
Or somewhere in between
Can we talk about it
Or just blow up everything, Lord Yeah
What is the time

What about the babies
Comin' up today
When they ask us
What we gonna say
Can we tell them
What is the time

On the left they keep on tellin' us
What we already know
On the right, don't get too close
But you can watch the show, Lord Yeah
What is the time

What about me, What about you
When the deal goes down
What we gonna do
When the camps break up
Which one we gonna choose

Let me tell you said
East, west, high, low
Trouble everywhere

In the mountains and the valleys
On the ground and in the air, Lord Yeah
What is the time

Feel like I wanna moan, Said Oh Oh
Oh Oh, Said Oh Oh, Oh Oh
What is the time